Design Work by George Holt

Welcome to the work of Charleston-based designer Geoge Holt. George began his career over thirty years ago buying and restoring old houses in downtown Charleston. At the time, his neighborhood was crime-ridden and depressed, and the houses were in poor condition. But George has an eye for patina and character, and where most saw dangerous ruins, he saw potential treasures. Later his practice expanded to building new houses on empty lots, and he used his knowledge of old houses and traditional materials to build new structures as solid and beautiful as the old ones. Today George continues to design and restore individual houses in downtown Charleston, and also consults on the design of new neighborhoods outside the city. In all his work, George is inspired by the urbanism of beautiful old cities, with buildings that last for centuries, look better with age, and relate to the scale and needs of pedestrians. Medieval architecture is his favorite muse, and he draws from its complexity, solidity, and whimsy, wherever possible.

George invited Andrew Gould to come to Charleston and work with him in 2004, and the two have worked together periodically ever since. Read the story of their collaboration in the book Charleston Fancy.

Catfiddle Street
Tully Alley and Charles Street
George's House
24 Catfiddle Street
26 Catfiddle Street
14 Catfiddle Street
5 Charles Street
44 Montrose Road
264 Ashley Avenue
1 Tully Alley
6 Charles Street
23 Catfiddle Street
1414 Sumner Avenue
Otranto House
Quirky Apartments
33B Cannon Street
31 Cannon Street
79 & 81 Line Street
266 Ashley Avenue
46 Sanibel Street
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