221-223 Saint Philip Street

221-223 Saint Philip Street

This six-building development, nicknamed "Revival Street", entailed the restoration of two historic commercial buildings fronting Saint Philip Street. The larger structure, built c. 1902, was missing its storefront and porch. These were rebuilt based on physical evidence and conjecture, and now house a cafe/grocery store. 

223 Saint Philip was built c. 1860, and was badly dilapidated. We reconstructed all the original details and designed a new storefront in High Victorian style. The building now serves as a vacation rental, and the parlor behind the storefront is styled like a 19th-century saloon, to recall the original Victorian commercial use.

There was a severely-dilapidated historic house in the rear, which we fully restored.

An elegant new masonry structure accommodates most of the parking for the development, and there are two new wooden houses at the very back. All of the residences are managed in common as vacation rentals, sharing a beautiful courtyard garden. Completed in 2022.

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