16 Percy Street

16 Percy Street

This project involved the restoration of a historic house on a prominent corner lot, and the construction of a small cottage - only 535 SF - in the backyard.

The cottage functions as a dependency, but improves the streetscape by  addressing the side street and filling a gap in the rhythm of houses. It loosely resembles a single house, with a typical double piazza and piazza door, but it is much smaller than any other house on the street. As such, we were careful to give it unique styling that would suit its small stature. The fenestration in particular, makes it clear that it is a diminutive cottage, and the decorative styling of the porch details gives it a suitable whimsical touch.

The main house had lost much of its character to unfortunate alterations. As part of the restoration, the vinyl siding was removed, the aluminum windows replaced with historic-type windows, and many other details restored to their original design.

The house and cottage were awarded Carolopolis Awards for renovation and new construction, respectively.

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