George Holt & Andrew Gould
George's House Otranto House 1 Tully Alley No.6 Charles Street 33B Cannon Street 44 Montrose Avenue Mugdock Castle Addition 79 Line Street 31 Cannon Street Quirky Apartments 266A Ashley Avenue 266B Ashley Avenue Andrew's House Atlantic Street Mountain Residence 264A Ashley Avenue 264B Ashley Avenue 264C Ashley Avenue 268D Ashley Avenue 268E Ashley Avenue 957 Lakeview 262 Coming 248 Ashley Avenue
632 Atlantic Street, Mt. Pleasant, SC
This is a renovation project that quite literally transformed the ugliest house on the street into the most beautiful. The house was built in 1950 and consisted of little more than a concrete-block box with metal windows. Andrew radically redesigned the structure, adding timber-frame porches, eaves with rafter tails, and huge French doors. The main room has the original attic framing exposed and a new masonry fireplace. The walls are trimmed out elegantly in tongue-and-groove wood. At Andrew’s insistence, the client restored the original metal windows, refitting them with insulated glass.