George Holt & Andrew Gould
George's House Otranto House 1 Tully Alley No.6 Charles Street 33B Cannon Street 44 Montrose Avenue Mugdock Castle Addition 79 Line Street 31 Cannon Street Quirky Apartments 266A Ashley Avenue 266B Ashley Avenue Andrew's House Atlantic Street Mountain Residence 264A Ashley Avenue 264B Ashley Avenue 264C Ashley Avenue 268D Ashley Avenue 268E Ashley Avenue 957 Lakeview 262 Coming 248 Ashley Avenue
264C Ashley Ave, Charleston, SC
Andrew designed this elegant house and garden for his parents. The house is framed in a mixture of stick frame and timber frame, and trimmed out entirely in wood paneling. Inspired by English houses of the Jacobean Period, the exposed structure and the refined trim integrate seamlessly. Only 1250 SF, it has a spacious open plan and no wasted space. Glass doors give a broad view to the splendid walled garden, also modelled on 17th-century English style. Built in 2011, the house was featured in this article in the Post and Courier.