George Holt & Andrew Gould


Good details are inseparable from good architecture. Today, most buildings are designed to look their best from far away, the way they look in renderings. But people do not interact with buildings from across the street. People experience buildings at arm's length and eye level, and get to know buildings as much by touch and sound as by sight. Most often, people really love old buildings for how they look and feel up close - the trim details, the ironwork, and the carvings. In our work, we pay a great deal of attention to these small details. Windows and doors are designed and trimmed-out using details that were the local tradition in times past. Ironwork is solidly made with appropriate thicknesses and profiles. And when it comes to carved ornament, such as column capitals, we usually sculpt the details ourselves, because nothing we could buy would be good enough. It is always a worthwhile investment, because even a single beautiful detail makes people feel honored by a building - they know it was put there for their enjoyment, an acknowledgement of human dignity and the need for beauty in our lives.