George Holt & Andrew Gould
Holy Ascension Ss. Joseph and Andrew St. Maximus St. John Chapel St. Alexis St. Sava St. Gregory Monastery St. Tikhon Monastery Trinity College Chapel St. Cornelius Our Lady of the Rosary Reigning Mother of God All Saints St. Michael St. John of the Ladder St. John Monastery Chapel
Trinity College Chapel, Hartford, CT
The magnificent chapel of Trinity College was built in the 1930s by architect Philip H. Frohman (architect of the National Cathedral). Due to the Great Depression, the donor was unable to outfit the chapel with most of its fixtures and decorations. The college has asked Andrew to design and manufacture light fixtures to be installed throughout the structure. The nave and choir will be outfitted with chandeliers, some of which are shown in this photo-montage rendering. They are modeled on Byzantine examples, but proportioned for the tall Gothic space. For the choir stalls, Andrew sculpted a Gothic-style desk lamp which was cast in brass for 120 desk lamps. For the Romanesque crypt chapel, Andrew fashioned an iron corona chandelier based upon surviving Romanesque fixtures in Aachen and Hildesheim. Andrew also designed a massive oak memorial case in the style of Scandinavian-Romanesque woodwork. This stands outside the doors to the chapel.