George Holt & Andrew Gould
Holy Ascension Ss. Joseph and Andrew St. Maximus St. John Chapel St. Alexis St. Sava St. Gregory Monastery St. Tikhon Monastery Trinity College Chapel St. Cornelius Our Lady of the Rosary Reigning Mother of God All Saints St. Michael St. John of the Ladder St. John Monastery Chapel
St. John Chapel, Birchdale, BC
Located on a small spit of land sandwiched between Lake Kootenay and the vast Purcell Wilderness Conservancy, Birchdale is a remote and charming settlement accessible only by boat. Andrew designed this chapel for a couple who recently moved there with the hopes of establishing a retreat destination for Orthodox clergy, and a homesteading opportunity for like-minded youth. The chapel will be hand-built from stone, sand, and gravel found on the site, using Medieval construction details. Construction will begin in fall 2008 with schedule dependent upon who shows up to help.