George Holt & Andrew Gould

About Us

George Holt

George began his career over twenty years ago buying and restoring old houses in downtown Charleston. At the time, his neighborhood was crime-ridden and depressed, and the houses were in poor condition. But George has an eye for patina and character, and where most saw dangerous ruins, he saw potential treasures. Later his practice expanded to building new houses on empty lots, and he used his knowledge of old houses and traditional materials to build new structures as solid and beautiful as the old ones. Today George continues to design and restore individual houses in downtown Charleston, but also designs new neighborhoods outside the city. In all his work, George is inspired by the urbanism of beautiful old cities, with buildings that last for centuries, look better with age, and relate to the scale and needs of pedestrians. Medieval architecture is his favorite muse, and he draws from its complexity, solidity, and whimsy, wherever possible.

Andrew Gould

Andrew likewise has a love of Medieval architecture, with a particular focus on beautiful detail and authentic materials. He studied Art History at Tufts University and the Arts and Crafts Movement at University College London. He has a master's degree in architecture from University of Pennsylvania. A craftsman as much as a designer, Andrew is skilled in wood carving and other decorative arts. Currently he collaborates with George on the design of houses and neighborhoods in the Charleston area. In addition, Andrew specializes in the design of Eastern Orthodox churches, and has directed his studies and travels principally towards this end. It is Andrew's hope that he can help guide the Orthodox churches of this country to develop an architecture of their own, one that is worthy of the glorious tradition of Byzantium and Medieval Russia.

As we are home designers and not architects, on many occasions, for the benefit of our clients, it has been our pleasure to organize and work as a part of a larger design team, that has included licensed professionals from a variety of fields such as engineering, architecture, construction, interior design, and landscape design.